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21. november 2023 – 23. november 2023, Brighton, England

wingwave® Coach - The Training

Become a Wingwave Coach!

Wingwave coaching is an advanced coaching technique scientifically researched from Germany. It is in the very early stages of growth here in the UK, and is making big 'waves' (pardon the pun) across the country for the powerful results people are getting in a short space of time. Wingwave is an advanced awake REM and combined muscle testing process that can be applied to almost any personal challenge or subconscious limitation, and is extremely successful internationally. It is used for dissolving subconscious blocks and building up peak performance in children, athletic sports, and corporate environments. It can help with overcoming phobias, anxiety, stress, overeating, smoking, and so much more! We have very recently translated the Wingwave book in English, soon to be published for the first time here in the UK! This is a very exciting time to become a wingwave coach!

Here is a little background...

Wingwave® coaching works by incorporating EMDR (waving) with muscle testing (similar to kinesiology) to navigate into subconscious stress triggers and beliefs which can then be 'waved' away gently, the same as we do in natural REM sleep. It is a scientifically proven technique which works on shifting stuck emotion, stress and increases peak performance across many areas such as business, corporate, fitness, health, public speaking, sales performance, etc.

Please see this link for further information - https://www.carolinerushforth.com/wingwave-training-uk/

Caroline Rushforth
Caroline Rushforth
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