wingwave Coaching Congress 2020


The international wingwave Coaching Congress for wingwave coaches will take place at the Hotel Hafen Hamburg and online on the 1st weekend of November, from 7th to 8th November 2020:

Since we aren‘t clarivoyants (and even though there is wingwave), we decided to organise this year’s international congress online due to the worldwide coronavirus situation. We hope to be able to have even more participants from other countries this way. In accordance with the Hotel Hafen Hamburg, 45 participants are allowed to take part on-site in the beautiful glass dome of the hotel – it turns out that we have a “mixed congress”!

What does that mean for the participants? A maximum of simplicity!
The event will still take place at Hotel Hafen Hamburg with its beautiful view on the Elbe river.

This year the congress is dedicated to the topic "Enjoyness"!

On both days there will be simultaneous translations in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian. There will be a simultaneous translation aswell for Serbo-Croatian, Hungarian and Romanian if there are more than 8 people registering asking for each of these languages!



wingwave and „Enjoyness“

The "Enjoyness" Congress will go into the topics "Joy of Life", "Embodiment" and "Potential Development" in more detail.

Top speaker Maja Storch - known for the "Zurich Resource Model" - explains how we can use a small worm ("Würmli") to find out what we really want and let this ability make us free and content. According to her credo "Do what you want".

Until August 1st, 2020, you will get an "Early Butterfly Discount" when you register.

This year we merged the whole congress to two days (including the specification seminar) and focus on the issues “Enjoyness“ and the “Zurich Resource Model (ZRM)“. We are not only really looking forward to the top speaker Maja Storch, but also to both Ute Gietzen-Wieland and Sigrid Trebo, longtime wingwave experts. These women developed an effective and interesting combination of wingwave and the Zurich Resource Model (ZRM) as a specification seminar. Those of you, who are members of the wingwave quality circle, will automatically receive the corresponding spotlight on their profile on the wingwave coach finder.
The Zurich Resource Model (ZRM) is internationally acknowledged and investigated – just like wingwave.
The 45 available presence places are assigned only to those, who book the two day option. As the number of present participants is limited, places will be awarded upon receipt of the registration. Hotel Hafen Hamburg guarantees to fulfil the hygiene regulations regarding Covid-19.

The speakers, the teaching trainers and a small quantity of wingwave coaches will be on-site being filmed by a professional camera team. Like that, also the online participants will have a „live feeling“ listening to the speakers including Maja Storch talking about “Do what you want“.

In the breaks we are planing to have virtual meetings between the coaches in order to get to know each other, to connect or to just have a chat! Details will be announced later.

This year's wingwave party will take place online - like that, everybody can participate! Further information will follow soon

Speakers „Enjoyness“

Dr. Maja Storch

Co-founder of "Zurich Resources Model" and scientific director of the Institute for Self Management and Motivation Zurich ISMZ.

Dipl.-Psych. Cora Besser-Siegmund

7.-8. November 2020: Program and moderation

Dipl.-Psych. Harry Siegmund

7.-8. November 2020: Programm and moderation

B.A. Lola A. Siegmund

7.-8. November 2020: Program and presentation

M.Sc. Frank Weiland (Psychology & Sports Psychologist)

PhD student at the German Sport University Cologne, supervision of the topic coaching in competitive sports

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Stefanie Klatt born Hüttermann

Junior professor for attention research in sports games at the Institute for Training Science and Sports Informatics at the German Sport University Cologne

Dr. Marco Rathschlag

High Performance Coach for entrepreneurs and top athletes and lecturer at the German Sport University in Cologne

Graduate Engineer Ute M. Gietzen-Wieland

Business and mental coach, consultant, trainer and speaker

M.Sc. Business – Coach und zertifizierte ZRM® - Trainerin Siegrid Trebo

Master Mediation and Conflict Resolution, M.Sc. GLT® Holistic Teaching