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1.wingwave Coaching: Magic Tools for Mindfulness 
wingwave Coaching Congress 2022 On the first weekend of November, from 05.-06.11.2022 the international wingwave Coaching Congress for trained wingwave coaches will take place again at the Hotel… 
2.wingwave Coaching Award 
wingwave® Coaching Award 2022 As every year, we will be presenting the wingwave® Coaching Award at our wingwave® Congress (05 - 06 November 2022 in Hamburg). The best success story on the topic of… course content 
Training course content ISO-Zertifizierung 29993 With its ISO certification 29993, the wingwave training is an educational service tested according to international standards. The training… 
4.wingwave UK and IRL 
wingwave training and coaching in the UK and Ireland Coach and Trainer of Wingwave in the UK and Ireland Caroline Rushforth Hove, Brighton, East Sussex ph: +44 7881 998 816 m: +44 1273… 
5.wingwave USA 
wingwave training and coaching in the USA wingwave training in the USA Christiane Neumann Licensed NLP Trainer Mind Wellness Coaching Tel. 310-800-2541 … 
6.wingwave Australia 
wingwave training and coaching in Australia wingwave training in Australia Organizer for wingwave trainings and wingwave coach Nicole Lordan Nicole Lordan Coaching Williamstown 3016… 
7.All training dates 
All training dates  
8.How does the wingwave coaching "Work-Health Balance" work? 
How does the wingwave coaching "Work-Health Balance" work? wingwave "Work-Health Balance" coaching familiarises you with methods from behaviour psychology that enhance your health and… 
10.Coaching for teams, constellations and wingwave etc. 
Your coach also offers the following Presentations on all eight mindful units of the wingwave coaching course Presentation coaching in groups for individual confidence in performance … 
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