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1.wingwave Coaching Congress 2023 
wingwave Coaching Congress 2023 On the first weekend of November, the international wingwave Coaching Congress for trained wingwave coaches will once again take place at the Hotel Hafen Hamburg from… 
2.Areas of specialization for wingwave 
Performance and Presentation Coaching Maybe you too would like an assured ‘performance balance’, in order to be able to present your performance, your opinion and yourself in a positive and… course content 
Training course content ISO-Zertifizierung 29993 With its ISO certification 29993, the wingwave training is an educational service tested according to international standards. The training… 
4.Coach contract (template) 
Coach contract The wingwave coach contract can be viewed here. This is just a template, not a quotation. Coach contract (template)  
5.Certification by the Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) 
Certification by the Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) Since 31.08.2018 the wingwave®-coach-training and the corresponding wingwave®-quality circle are worldwide verified by the Technical Inspection… 
6.Quality circle 
Quality circle Upon successful completion and signing of the wingwave-coach-contract, the training participant will be a member of the wingwave quality circle of the Besser-Siegmund-Institut GmbH… 
7.Teaching trainer addresses 
Teaching trainer addresses  
8.Educational program 
Plenary meeting Possibilities and limits of wingwave coaching The wingwave network wingwave and research, Verein Gesellschaft für Neurolinguistisches Coaching e.V. (Association for Neurolinguistic… 
Coaching - Emotion  
Coaching - Children  
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