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1.Coaching for teams, constellations and wingwave etc. 
Your coach also offers the following Presentations on all eight mindful units of the wingwave coaching course Presentation coaching in groups for individual confidence in performance … 
If your registration is received by 31.08.2022, you will receive our Early Bird discount of 80 Euro incl. VAT for the two-day in-depth seminar (present and online).  
4.wingwave Coaching: Magic Tools for Mindfulness 
wingwave Coaching Congress 2022 On the first weekend of November, from 05.-06.11.2022 the international wingwave Coaching Congress for trained wingwave coaches will take place again at the Hotel… 
5.Coach contract (template) 
Coach contract The wingwave coach contract can be viewed here. This is just a template, not a quotation. Coach contract (template)  
These parties use / used the method Arbeiterwohlfahrt Kreisverband Neuwied XING GmbH & Co. KG Julius Bär, Bank, Luxembourg Bischöfliches Generalvikariat, Bistum Trier Bosch, Homburg… 
7.Sprint study 
Sprint study Zammit, Nina (2019). The effect of wingwave-Coaching on sport performance. Bachelor Dissertation. German Sport University Cologne. As part of her diploma thesis, Nina Zammit conducted… 
8.wingwave and speed performance in endurance sports 
wingwave and speed performance in endurance sports Grimberg, M. (2013). Der Einsatz der wingwave-Methode zur Steigerung der objektiven Leistung und Verbesserung des subjektiven Wohlbefindens beim… 
9.Gaining strength from positive emotions 
Gaining strength from positive emotions Rathschlag, M. (2013). Self-generated emotions and their influence on physical performance. Cologne: Promotions-Arbeit an der Deutschen Sporthochschule Köln… 
10.Fatigue effect during Myostatic test? 
Fatigue effect during Myostatic test? Besser-Siegmund, C. u. (2013). Mit Freude läufts besser - durch wingwave positive Emotionen fördern und Leistung steigern [With joy, the going gets better -… 
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