Effective online coaching with the wingwave method

There are three effective options that we use and combine with wingwave online coaching:

  • above all, the use of the well-researched wingwave music including the new app tool "Magic Talk" and the use of hypnosis elements
  • the specific use of "Okulo resources": the positive effect of awake eye movements on the neurobiology and emotional balance of the coachee / coaching client.
  • the so-called wingwave buddy coaching with an assistant person, which is also well accepted by the coaching clients.

You will find your coach for online coaching with wingwave in the coachfinder. You can select "Online Coaching" in drop down menu "Spotlights". This will display all coaches who have received further training in this concept.

Using wingwave music in online coaching makes sense for many reasons.

A positive effect of wingwave music could be confirmed in three research studies. Firstly, "pure music" during sporting activity was compared with "sport without music" and "sport with Mozart", with wingwave music having the most significant continuous reduction in pulse rate - also during activity. Then the music was included as an "accessory" in two studies: wingwave music to reduce exam anxiety and speech anxiety - especially in the context of performance and performance preparation. Furthermore, there are several skin resistance measurements which show that wingwave music reduces the "arousal" within two to three minutes.

For these reasons it makes sense to use mainly the wingave music in online coaching and to establish it in connection with the wingwave app as a self-coaching concept for the coachee.

The ingredients of wingwave music.

  • Mostly "real" instruments
  • 63 beats per minute, which is slightly faster than the resting pulse
  • Optimal regulation of highs and lows by a sound engineer, which always "calms down" the neurobiology

Use "Magic Talk" for online coaching.

How can "Magic Talk" work in the context of online coaching? Clients can use the new app function "Magic Talk" to record any text such as vocabulary, positive sentences like "I may succeed" or dream journeys and play them in combination with wingwave music. Since the wingwave music quickly provides deep relaxation, learning is made easier and the message of a story or positive affirmation has a particularly positive effect on the inner experience.

This is how Magic Talk can be implemented in the coaching process. 

  1. The coachee names sentences or words that he or she would like to have as positive affirmation.
  2. Together with the wingwave coach there are feedback loops on the quality of the voice: it should sound positive, friendly, motivating.
  3. Then the "affirmation set" is recorded two or three times in a row as a voice memo.
  4. Finally, in the presence of the coach, the coachee listens to the voice memo in combination with his or her favourite wingwave music.

To work with Magic Talk, the free wingwave app must be installed. The app can be downloaded in Google play store and for all Apple devices in the App Store.