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The wingwave music lowers the pulse rate – even during sporting activities

Nasse, A. F. (2013). Der Einsatz der wingwave-Musik bei körperlicher Aktivität hinsichtlich objektiver sowie subjektiver Belastungsparameter [The use of wingwave music during physical activity with regard to the objective, as well as subjective stress parameters]. German Sport University Cologne.

The study dealt with the influence of wingwave music during physical activity. A differentiation was made between the objective and the subjective stress parameters. The effect on the physical activity was visualized using a cardiac response. In the corresponding study, athletes were tested on the bicycle ergometer for heart rate and performance. The heart rate of the participants, who had warmed up without music, was higher than those who trained with music. Not only was the pulse positively changed, when the wingwave music was used during the warm-up. Even the peak performances (number of revolutions) turned out to be better and/or higher in case of this group, which listened to the wingwave music. Thus, the use of music led to a lower heart rate and, therewith, positively influenced the anaerobic performance.